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Riding a finish

The whip is an encouragement tool and there are 5 distinct ways in which to use it.

Race Reading

This video and these notes, are all part of the SUNDAY educational series to improve your Race Reading.

Through out the Racing section of  SUNDAY we explain in detail the different skills a jockey needs to have to get the best from their horse.

In this video Warren talks all about jockey technique and riding a finish.

Through out SUNDAY we focus on and explain jockey technique, the importance of balance and what to watch out for when evaluating jockey performance. Upgrade now to get access to all of the videos.

Is this video we are analysing jockey technique and sharing the key points to watch out for in a finish and to understand if a jockey performed well or not.

Jockey Technique

Getting a horse to go forward is the most important requirement from your jockey.

Good jockeys get their horses to want to go forward, they get their horse travelling and they build momentum through rhythm and balance.

Next time you are watching a race or reviewing a race watch out for that.

Riding a finish.

The whip isn’t there to hit a horse, a jockey isn’t ever thinking about hitting a horse.

The whip is there to encourage a horse to keep going forward. Riding the finish is the jockeys skill combined with encouragement to be successful in the finish.

Driving a car

When reviewing a race, watch the final third of the race and focus on the jockey.

As you are watching, think of jockey technique of riding the finish just like driving a car.

This is a nice way of explaining what the jockey needs to do and this allows us to understand more about how a jockey builds that critical forward momentum.

We can now imagine ourselves wanting to get our car to go at top speed.

Our steps are to bring the car up through those gears and build momentum, not for us to inhibit momentum by doing things out of sync.

The five gears

The five gears in riding a finish.

When watching a jockey these are the five gears for us to be aware of.

  1. The push.
  2. The slap down the shoulder.
  3. The backhander.
  4. Ordinary strike.
  5. The big one.

If we think back to the car analogy, we now have a much better sense of what the jockey is looking to do. And the technique required to create the forward momentum a horse needs to perform at their best.

Race Assessment

When watching a race in the future, ask yourself.

Does the jockey go for a big one too early?

Does he unbalance a horse?

Does this cost the partnership in the end?

Do your analysis, be critical and identify riders you like and familiarize yourself more and more with their style so you know when they are getting the most from their horses.

Watch the following videos on Balance and Style and The New Riding Style.

Riding a Finish, Jockey Technique by SUNDAY. Learn More. Enjoy More.

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