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The insight Hugo Palmer shares in this video is all about how and why the different types of ground impact so much on a horses ability to achieve peak performance.

This understanding is not widely shared or understood and this video will allow you to interpret the impact of ground on performance.

Video Take Outs

When listening to Hugo and then evaluating horses that you follow yourself, the following points are worth remembering.

– Each horse has their own individual style of racing

– Some horses pick their feet up high and have what is described as a rounded knee action, whilst others flick their feet low to the ground in a “daisy cutter” style.

– The key learning here is that in general terms horses will have a ground preference. The horse with a rounded knee action will likely prefer softer conditions whereas the horse with the daisy cutter action will prefer good or quick ground.

– Observing a horses action and linking that to their ground preference and the ground they are encountering in their next race is a key piece of information when assessing if a horse has the optimum conditions in order to achieve peak performance. The output of this assessment will lend itself to better race reading and understanding.

It might be an idea to watch a few horses closely, so that you can start noticing the different running action. The Gigginstown horse Petit Mouchoir has a very round action. Worth taking a look.

A horses' action - the impact of the ground by SUNDAY

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